Dimensions: H 23.62 x W 15.75 in
Media: oil, mixed technique with glazing
Style: modern art
Type: landscape
Instruments and materials: canvas (museum quality – pure linen, medium-grained prime with 5 coatings of oil emulsion), oil paints (with natural pigments), gold leaves (premium quality), palette knives and brushes
Certificates: available, included
Price: on request
Shipping: worldwide

It is an original oil painting, one of a kind.
This painting is done on canvas of TM “Maestro”, produced at ‘Rosa Group LLC.” (Novovolynsk, Ukraine). There have been used oil paints of TM “Master Class”, produced at the artistic paints plant “Nevskaya Palitra” (Saint-Petersburg, RF), and pieces of gold leaves, produced at JSC “The Moscow Special Alloys Processing Plant” (Moscow, RF). It is put in a double wooden frame, and it’s ready to be hung.

This painting was inspired by the beauty of bellflowers which one can see in forests. Small pieces of gold leaves were used to create a special effect of glitter under different sources of light.