• Oil painting on canvas
  • Size: H 11.81 x W 15.75 x 0.79 in
  • Style: impressionism
  • Subject: nature, flowers
  • Worldwide shipping

It is an original oil painting, one of a kind. It is inspired by the photo of a landscape.
This painting is done on a linen canvas which is manufactory primed and medium-grained (TM Rosa, Ukraine).
There have been used oil paints of TM Master Class, produced at the artistic paints plant Nevskaya Palitra (Saint-Petersburg, Russian Federation). The edges are unfinished.
The finished painting is covered with one coat of a dammar vanish, produced at Nevskaya Palitra plant.
It is put in a white plastik frame. There is an installation hardware, and it is ready to be hung or to put on a piece of furniture.

If you want to buy it, you can get in touch with me.